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Camby Tax Fraud Defense

Although paying taxes is never something anyone enjoys, you should still give your full attention when you file your tax return. If you fail to file it on time or you have reported lacking or incorrect information, you may face a tax fraud charge and suffer from grave legal penalties.

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If you know you’re being accused and investigated for tax fraud, call our Camby tax fraud defense lawyer immediately. Defense Tax Partners can help you prepare all the vital supporting documents, evidence, and witnesses to prove your lack of fraudulent intent. We will also represent you during negotiations and hearings in order to reduce your penalties to the minimum.

Both civil and criminal penalties for tax fraud can take a tremendous toll on your financial, mental, emotional, and social status. To avoid the worst-case scenario, promptly contact our lawyer so we can start evaluating the facts of your case as soon as possible.

You can rest assured that Defense Tax Partners will provide you with the best legal defense service from the moment the investigation begins until the end of the litigation process.

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Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Even if the discrepancy found on your return is a product of an honest mistake, a criminal conviction can still be a possible conclusion to your case. So if you want to ensure your freedom and financial stability, have an Camby tax fraud defense lawyer on your team.

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The Internal Revenue Service, as well as the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR), take tax violations very seriously. Both authorities have great power in investigating and prosecuting anyone accused of tax fraud.

They can look into your financial records and cross-reference your presented information with the data they have from your employers, stockbrokers, lenders, etc.

The following are the β€œbadges” or indicators of tax fraud that they will primarily look for:

  • Understatement of income
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Inadequate or unorganized records
  • Concealment of assets
  • Improbable or inconsistent reasons for behavior
  • Inability to explain a significant increase in net worth over the years
  • Cash transactions
  • Concealment of receipt sources
  • Overstated deductions
  • Reporting trust fund loans as expenses or deductions
  • Falsifying receipts to donors by exempt organizations
  • Involvement in illegal activities

Apart from what is listed, the IRS will meticulously look for several other things as well. If, unfortunately, they find any error in your return and financial records, our tax fraud defense lawyers will present compelling proof that the mistake was not intentional, bearing no fraudulent intent whatsoever.

By hiring our own Camby tax fraud defense lawyer, Defense Tax Partners can help you avoid the following civil penalties of tax fraud:

1. Deliberate failure to file a return – 15% penalty of your net tax due every month for up to 5 months; 75% of your overall unpaid tax as the maximum penalty
2. Deliberate filing of fraudulent return – 75% penalty of your entire tax debt

We can also help you avoid or mitigate the following criminal penalties:

1. Deliberate failure to file a return, to fully pay your taxes, or to keep sufficient records – maximum one year of jail time with fines up to $25,000 for individuals and up to $100,000 for corporations
2. Tax evasion – maximum of five years in prison with fines up to $100,000 for individuals and up to $500,000 for corporations

Like in any other legal matter, your best response to a tax fraud accusation is hiring a tax fraud defense lawyer. You will have an increased chance of proving your innocence or reducing the penalties you may face at the end.

Your Camby Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

When it comes to negotiating with the IRS and the Indiana DOR, Defense Tax Partners has the most experienced lawyers in the field. We are equipped to represent any individual or corporate taxpayer in a tax fraud litigation process, regardless of how complicated the case may seem.

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Apart from our in-depth knowledge and experience on how federal and state tax laws work, we are also extra meticulous when it comes to evaluating your case and analyzing what’s the best defense for your specific situation. Once we get a hold of all facts surrounding your case, you can trust our lawyers to lead you to the legal course of action that best protects your rights and interests.

We will assess the nature of the allegations against you, their severity, and the evidence we have to provide to prove your innocence. After this, we can give you a thorough guideline on what will happen next, what defensive action we can make, and what possible penalties you will face.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Tax fraud is a crime you commit against the government, which should pretty much tell you how serious the penalties can be if you get convicted. Financial loss, damaged reputation, and lost years in prison are just some of the more obvious consequences you may suffer.

To have a better shot at protecting your assets and life in general, work with a seasoned tax fraud defense lawyer as soon as you get notified of the tax fraud accusation.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (463) 217-3855 for your Free Consultation with an Camby Tax Fraud Defense lawyer!