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Blanford Tax Resolution

The United States government uses taxes to fund its projects in making the nation a better place. These taxes are required from every American citizen or immigrant residing in the states. And because these payments are crucial in nation-building, taxpayers who do not file and pay their taxes properly according to the law will be subjected to penalties managed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

florida tax attorneyIf you find yourself in any sort of problem with your taxes or the IRS, it’s best not to worry, especially if getting the best solutions are easier with an expert beside you. All you need to do is get the services of a proven law firm specializing in tax problems. Defense Tax Partners is a leading tax resolution law firm that has been in service for many years already. If you are in trouble with taxes, chances are we know how to solve them for you.

If you’re looking for an Blanford tax resolution firm that you can trust with all your financial information and tax problems, we are here for you. Defense Tax Partners is composed of tax law experts dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients regain control over their financial lives. We are always ready to provide every legal service you need, from expert advice to negotiations. Just tell us everything about your case, and we’ll find out the best ways we can help you out.

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Resolving Tax Debt

Defense Tax Partners specializes in tax debt resolution, one of the most common services we provide.

With the continuous inflation happening year after year, tax debt is not an unusual problem among Americans. The law states that taxpayers may receive penalties once they fail to pay the proper amount on time. These penalties of extra payments get added every month the taxpayer fails to pay properly, making fixing the money problem harder as time goes on.

Arguing with the IRS that your reasons for missing the payment deadlines are valid is a doable solution with the right experts by your side. We will negotiate with them to commit to a payment plan that will allow you to gradually pay your debts, depending on your financial capabilities. Whatever requirements the IRS demands to fix your case, we will help you satisfy all of them. We can do all the documentation, negotiation, and analysis of your case to find out the best solutions we can do for you.

Establishing IRS Audit Defense

Defense Tax Partners can also help you have a smooth and successful IRS audit.

audit defense and tax fraud attorneyThis process involves the regular evaluation of a selected group of people. The IRS conducts interviews and investigations of taxpayers’ financial records to check if they are complying properly with state and federal tax laws. People with a relatively high income or a business are typically subjected to this auditing process.

Once you receive a notice from the IRS that they will do an audit of your records, it can be advantageous to contact a tax lawyer as soon as you can. With Defense Tax Partners by your side, you will have experts handling your legal needs every step of the way. We will ensure that you’re properly prepared for the interviews, successfully avoiding any statement that may stain your financial reputation. If there happens to be an escalation to an unfavorable situation, we will be right by your side, finding the best way to achieve the best possible resolution.

Creating a Strong Tax Fraud Defense

Tax fraud allegations are no joke. If handled poorly, they can cause grave life consequences like most felonies, including thousand-dollar fines or years in jail. Fortunately, you can always get help from experts to soften the effects of the charges.

With Defense Tax Partners as your tax fraud defense partner, you can expect the aggressive protection of your case. We will do thorough studies of your situation, the allegations, and your tax records so we can figure out how to best defend your case against the IRS. We will spend the entire force of our resources to make sure that you end up with the best possible outcome that we can fight for.

Reliable and Trusted Tax Law Firm

Defense Tax Partners is a team of highly experienced attorneys trained to resolve taxpayers’ problems with federal and state laws. Our services are affordable yet elite in quality.

Tax AttorneysAs your Blanford tax resolution firm, we understand how your situation can affect you personally. We know that you have a specific set of problems unique to your situation and financial records. Therefore, we always strive to personalize our legal strategies for each client we handle. We can’t promise that we’ll get the outcome you want. But we can guarantee that we’ll be there for you even if the situation escalates to something undesirable. We will also make sure that you understand everything you need to know about tax laws and IRS processes, so you’ll know you’re making the right decisions.

You are always welcome to contact our company if you need any help in the following situations:

1. Tax Resolution

2. Wage Garnishment Removal

3. Offer in Compromise

4. Bank Levy Removal

5. Penalty Abatement

6. Innocent Spouse

7. Audit Representation

8. Tax Preparation

9. Tax Lien Removal

10. Passport Reinstatement

If you want to know more about our services, just give us a call, and we’ll be ready to discuss your needs and show you how we can help you during our free consultation. Defense Tax Partners is a top-notch Blanford tax resolution firm, and we are ready to provide every legal service you need to fix your tax issues.

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Tax resolution is not that hard if you know what to do—get an expert.

Blanford Tax Resolution defense tax partners logo 300x65Defense Tax Partners is a group of tax law experts dedicated to helping people fix their issues with the IRS and tax laws. Despite being a common problem, tax situations are different for each taxpayer. So we make sure that the solutions we provide are not things that we just take from a previous client. As your Blanford tax resolution firm, we are here to analyze your situation deeply, create a specialized legal strategy, and offer the best of our abilities to execute them smoothly. Whether it’s to take you out of a tax debt or convince the court that you don’t deserve jail time for your tax fraud allegations, we are here to ensure you get the best possible scenario. Call us today and let us help you fix your situation in no time!

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